What PEGLIYL Means To Me

As I sit here explaining what PEGLIYL means to me, I want to first start off by saying that this is not only a brand but also a way to conduct yourself in life. Obviously PEGLIYL is an outstanding company to buy high quality and affordable soccer/goalkeeper clothing and goalkeeper gloves from but also has a strong message behind it.

What does PEGLIYL stand for? PEGLIYL is an acronym for Play Every Game Like It’s Your Last. To me this message could not be any stronger. I try to apply this meaning in sports but also day to day life.

I am a coach, teacher and owner of SWAG (Soccer With Amazing Goalkeepers) Goalkeeper Academy. I have learned that nothing is guaranteed in life and the next day is not promised. You must seize every opportunity you are given and strive to be the best person you can be. Live every day to its fullest and find what makes you happy and makes you smile. I also try to instill this attitude into my students and athletes. I push my students to be strong students and to push themselves. I also push my athletes to be the best they can be. But what does that mean? This means to focus on being a student of the game, when they come to training are they bringing the focus and drive to get better and not going through the motions and taking each moment for granted. This belief then carries over to games. Are you focused on game day to your purpose for being there, ready and confident to play and leave everything on the field and if is the last game you ever played you can smile and say, I gave it everything I had. You must take nothing for granted and push yourself everyday! I stress that if you don’t push yourself outside of your comfort zone, you will never grow as a student, athlete, teammate and person.

After you read this article you will begin to see what PEGLIYL means to me. In closing, I know that PEGLIYL is the perfect partnership for me was when I had one of my players ask me about my PEGLIYL gear I was wearing and after explaining to her what PEGLIYL meant, she responded, that fits you perfectly. So to me PEGLIYL is not only a brand but also a way to live your life! What does PEGLIYL mean to you and how do you PEGLIYL?

- Jason Mitchell, TEAM PEGLIYL Coach