PEGLIYL Partners with Camp Shutout

PEGLIYL Partners with Camp Shutout

PEGLIYL is proud to announce its newest family member, Camp Shutout, the country's largest goalkeeper-specific camp!


Josh Rohde (current Camp Shutout Staff Coach / current PEGLIYL Senior Interactive Multimedia Manager and Account Manager) writes:

"As a former camper and current staff member of Camp Shutout, I am ecstatic to hear about the partnership that is set to take place between Camp Shutout and PEGLIYL. As a goalkeeper, Camp Shutout has pushed and challenged me in ways that have made me become not only a better goalkeeper but also a better human-being. Likewise, PEGLIYL's values align with my personal values, so it is mutually a good fit for both the company and myself. PEGLIYL has given me opportunities to first-hand apply my knowledge that I have obtained through my educational career, while Camp Shutout has not only made me into a better a goalkeeper but a better coach as well. I cannot thank Stan Anderson and Jamie Lieberman enough for the opportunities that they have given me that have aided in the development of me both personally and professionally. I am honestly blessed beyond belief to be a part of not just one of the two but both Camp Shutout and PEGLIYL. I am excited to embark on this journey and can't wait to see where this can go."


Jamie Lieberman (current Camp Shutout Staff Coach / PEGLIYL President & CEO) writes:

"I have known Stan Anderson since I was 14 years old, and like Josh, am incredibly grateful for what Camp Shutout and its staff has done for me personally and professionally. I was not a great goalkeeper when I first attended Camp Shutout, but I definitely wanted to become something special. I trained my mind and body religiously, with year-round support and guidance from the Camp Shutout family. I eventually found success at the college and professional levels, while also earning a spot with the United States Futsal National Team Pool. Many of my closest friends and mentors came from Camp Shutout, and to this day, I strive to make them proud. I am very thankful for this opportunity and I look forward to many years together."


During Camp Shutout 2016, every staff member and staff assistant will be issued a PEGLIYL Camp Shutout Polo. Each staff member will also be issued a PEGLIYL Camp Shutout Crew Sweatshirt. Both items will be available at the Camp Shutout Advanced Sessions, held in Steven's Point, Wisconsin from July 24-30. Pre-order your PEGLIYL Camp Shutout Crew Sweatshirt now, and pick it up during registration on July 24! 

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Register for Camp Shutout here.